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One-tap refresh to get everything you want! The hottest and breaking instant news, the trendy fashions coming your way, the juiciest gossip around you, the latest technological innovations, and everything you love in 1 place – InstaBuzz.


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Watch the latest news, entertainment, lifestyle and stories in real time. Be informed and updated every minute. InstaBuzz brings the news which matters to you at your fingertips.


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Kill time with funny pictures, GIFs, jokes, as well as Emoji. Stay in trend with funny videos. YouTube viral videos and more! Never be bored on any occasion.


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Get informed and entertain with the news you love. Customize your interests from Breaking News, Entertainment, Sports, Games, Movies, Auto to much more. Mark, Like, Dislike, Block and Favorite feeds and save the news according to your interests. You imagine and we deliver.


Smart reading mode

Slow Internet? Text Mode is specially designed to quickly read news without pictures. Busy? InstaBuzz will only show news pictures from top sources based on your interest. Language Issue? English and Bahasa Melayu dual support.

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